Millennium Spey/Dee Swap
  Welcome to the Official Combined VFB/ff@ Millennium Spey/Dee Fly Swap Site.
Tyers from Europe, Canada, & the US have contributed their favorite patterns, both classics & modern.
With the increasing interest in all things "Spey", fly swaps are a good opportunity to learn what others are doing,
& to share some local "Killer Patterns".
  Many of the old flies called for materials that are now illegal, extinct, or so expensive that no-one could possibly afford to use them.
As responsible conservationists, we use earth friendly substitutes that are elegant & fish well.
  Swinging a Spey fly down a river brings back some of the grace that's been lost to the sport.
Nothing against the drifters, plunkers, & hardware anglers; it's just a simple preference to return to the classic methods.
A boxed set of the flies has been donated to a fundraiser for the ff@ Youth Education Fund. This year's fundraiser netted over $3000, which was disbursed to organizations that teach youngsters the joy of fishing.   We swappers hope that this page will inspire others to tie & fish these flies, & maybe even enter a future swap. Byard Miller's is one of the internet's major clearing houses for fly swaps. See my links page.

Clicking on the thumbnails brings up a 640x480 image in a new window.

The Polar Shrimp
y2polarshrimp.jpg 640x480pixels 61Kb

Bob Blumreich
Hook: Alec Jackson #1.5 Gold
Tail: Red GP breast feather
Body: Hot orange SLF
Rib: Medium oval gold tinsel
Hackle: Imitation heron belly, orange with red tips
Throat: Mallard flank, dyed Red
Wing: Tented strips of White goose.
NOTE: Spey conversion of the classic P.N.W. orange pattern.

The Butcher
y2butcher.jpg 48Kb 640x480pixels

Dave Potts
Hook: Mustad 80000BL
Tip:Fine silver oval
Tag:Golden yellow floss
Tail:Tippet & Teal
Butt:Peacock herl
Body:Angora in Red,Lt Blue,Claret,Dk Blue
Rib:Large silver embossed
Hackle:Violet purple(hand dyed)
Throat:Long large gallina
Wing:Bronze Mallard
Head:Peacock herl
NOTE: I use this fly on the swing, & in small sizes,strip it for Sea-run Cutts.

Baitfish Spey
y2baitfish.jpg 640x480 pixels 60Kb

Rob Estlund
Hook: Partridge CS10/1 #1/0
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib: Oval Silver Tinsel
Hackle: White Maribou
Throat: Natural Mallard Flank
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Wing: Black Goose Shoulder
Head: Black 12/0
NOTE: Imitates a smelt/alewife

Purple King
y2purpleking.jpg 47Kb 640x480

Clark Lucas
Hook: Partridge CS10/2- #1/0
Tip: Fine Gold Oval Tinsel
Body: Purple Uni-Yarn
Rib: Medium flat gold Tinsel; Lilac floss in front of tinsel
Counterrib: Medium Oval Gold Tinsel
Hackle: Stripped Purple Schlappen
Throat: Teal
Wing: Dark Bronze Mallard
Head: Black 12/0

Winter Spey
y2winter.jpg 40Kb 640x480

Leslie Benscoter
Hook: Alec Jackson #3
Tag: Fine oval silver tinsel
Body: Blue Berlin Wool
Rib: Flat silver counter wound with fine oval
Hackle: Blue eared pheasant
Throat: Kingfisher blue guinea hackle
Wing: Bronze Mallard
Head: Black 6/0

Grey Heron Variant
y2grayheron01.jpg 47Kb 640x480

Tim Trexler
Hook: Alec Jackson #3
Tip: Fine flat silver tinsel
Tag: Golden yellow floss
Body: Black floss or Uni-stretch
Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Grey Heron substitute or ringneck pheasant rump feather
Throat: Natural guinea
Wing: Bronze mallard
Head: Black lacquer
NOTE: Good high-water pattern for Atlantics, quartered downstream and left hanging momentarily at the end of the drift.

Pink Riach
y2pinkriach.jpg  46Kb 640x480

Steve Schweitzer
Hook: Alec Jackson gold #3
Tag:Lacquered maroon thread, 5 wraps silver flat tinsel
Body: Rear ½ Pink Silk
Body: Front ½ maroon/pink/black blended SLF
Rib: Flat silver over front ½ of body
Hackle: Black schlappen palmered on front ½
Throat: Blue-eared pheasant, pulled low
Wing: Overlapping bronze mallard strips tied in to form tent wing
Cheek: Jungle Cock, set low
Head: Lacquered maroon thread

Orange Heron
y2orangeheron.jpg  49Kb 640x480

Donald Kelly
Hook: Daiichi 2051 Alec Jackson
Tag: Small oval silver tinsel
Body: 2/3-orange floss,1/3-orange seal sub
Rib: Small oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Burnt spey hackle-heron gray
Throat: Lemon Wooduck
Wing: 4 orange hackle tips
Thread: Red 8/0
NOTE: Good summer run pattern. Fishes well in the classic quartering swing style, or dead drifted on a sink tip line.

Winters Hope
y2wintershope.jpg  52Kb 640x480

Scott Antonetti
Hook: Bartleet CS10/1 #1/0
Tag: Fine oval silver tinsel
Body: Rear ½ Orange SLF; Front ½ Blue SLF
Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Imitation heron belly: blue with purple tips
Wing: Married: hot orange over yellow
Head: Wine 12/0

White Wing Akroyd
y2akroyd.jpg 49Kb 640x480pixels

Brian Van Erem
Hook: Partridge Bartleet CS10/1
Tag: Silver tinsel, flat
Tail: Topping and tippet in strands
Butt: Black ostrich
Body: First ½, light orange angora goat;Hackled with lemon saddle, butted with Black ostrich
Body: Second ½, black floss; Hackled with black heron substitute
Rib: First ½, oval silver tinsel; second ½, flat silver tinsel
Throat: Gadwall flank
Wing: White goose shoulder
Cheek: Jungle Cock
Head: Black lacquer
NOTE: An oldie finding favor in the midwest steelhead community

Gold Reeach
y2goldreeach.jpg  50Kb 640x480

Keith Passant
Hook: Partridge Bartleet Supreme CS10/1 #2
Body: Rear 1/3 Orange Wool . Front 2/3 Black Wool
Rib: Flat Silver and Gold Twist
Hackle: Red Pheasant Rump
Throat: Teal
Wing: Rolled Mallard
Head: Peacock Herl
NOTE: Modern variation on the classic

Jessica's fancy
y2jessica.jpg  33Kb 640x480

John Graba
Hook: Alec Jackson blue #3
Body: 2/3 holographic tinsel, 1/3 dark grey seal sub
Rib: Gold tinsel
Hackle: Dark pheasant rump
Throat: Blue peacock body feather
Wing: Turkey
Cheek: Jungle Cock
Head: Black
NOTE: It's a killer in stained water.

Whirlpool Spey
y2whirlpool.jpg 39Kb 640x480pixels

Keith Rae
Hook: Any salmon/steelhead model
Body: Purple Dubbing
Rib: Silver Tinsel
Hackle: Purple Spey Hackle
Throat:Yellow Hackle
Wing: Orange Goose Shoulder
NOTE: Works great on the Niagara River.

Skykomish Variant
y2skykomish.jpg 53Kb 640x480pixels

Tony Flower
Hook: Partridge CS10/1 #2
Body: 1/3 silver tinsel (flat) 1/3 red floss, 1/3 yellow chenille
Rib: medium oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Orange spey hackle(an extra turn at the head)
Throat: 1½ turns lemon mallard flank
Wing: Married yellow, red and blue goose

Olive Spey
y2skykomish.jpg 52Kb 640x480pixels

Mike Gast
Hook: Partridge Bartleet #1
Tag: Flat Gold Tinsel (med)
Body: Flat Gold Tinsel (med)
Rib: Fine Gold oval tinsel
Hackle: Olive schlappen
Throat: Guinea
Wing: Bronze Mallard
Head: Olive thread
NOTE: Olive variant of Gobin's Claret and Deep Purple

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