'98 ff@ Spey/Dee Swap Patterns
   Welcome to the Official '98 ff@ Spey/Dee Fly SwapSite.
Twelve tyers from across North America have contributed their favorites, both modern & classic.
A complete set of flies in a Steve Schweitzer  CUSTOM WOOD FLY BOX
will be raffled at the '98 NOARK III Conclave,
with proceeds going to the ff@ Youth Fund.
   There are about 180Kb of graphics on this page, so pour your favorite beverage, kick-back, & ENJOY!
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The Milwaukee Spey
milwaukee.jpg 16Kb
Hook: Alec Jackson #1 1/2 Nickeled
Tag: Fine flat silver tinsel
Body: 1/2 Hot Pink; 1/2 Black imitation seal
Rib: Medium flat silver tinsel
Hackle: Imitation heron belly, dyed Hot Pink
Throat: Mallard flank, dyed Hot Pink
Wing: Narrow strips of Black goose, set tented
A Beginner's Guide to Spey Flies

The Noname Spey
noname.jpg 16Kb
Hook:Partridge CS10/1, #6
Tag:Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Body:1/2 Chartreuse Floss, 1/2 Black Sparkle Yarn
Rib:Flat Pearl Mylar Tinsel over Black Yarn
Hackle:Black Ringneck Pheasant Rump
Throat:Guinea dyed Chartreuse
Wing:White Hackle Tips

The Lady Caroline
ladyc.jpg 11Kb
Hook:Single Salmon
Tail:Golden Pheasant Red Body Feather
Body:Olive Green and Light Brown Wool
Rib:Flat Gold and Oval Silver Tinsel
Hackle:Grey Heron Substitute (Deke's)
Throat:Golden Pheasant Red Body Feather
Wing:Bronze Mallard
Bob Petti

The Glentana
glentana.jpg 12Kb
Tag:gold flat tinsel
Tail:Tragapan pheasant body
Body:gold, orange, claret dubbing
Rib:gold oval
Hackle:Spey cock (sort of)
Wings:white goose shoulder
Head:claret thread
Dave Potts

Red Wing Spey
redwing.jpg 7Kb
Hook:Daiichi #2051(Alec Jackson Spey)
Tag: Fine oval silver
Body:2/3 black floss; 1/3 black ostrich herl
Rib:fine oval silver
Collar:long black hen hackle
Wing:red goose strips
Glenn Peckel

The cdc Spey
orange_cdc_spey.jpg 16Kb
Hook:Alec Jackson Spey Gold, sz. 1 1/2
Thread:Orange Griffiths 14/0
Butt:5 wraps small silver round tinsel,starting at hook point
Tag:back 1/3 hookshank covered by orange silk floss topped with 3 short
peacock sword plumes
Body:Front 2/3 dubbed with orange SLF, Seal or Angora
Ribbing:medium gold oval tinsel followed directly behind with orange
Bob's Burnt Spey Hackle, palmered spey-style
Topping:3 long peacock sword plumes, draping over the entire body and
hook length
Collar:black-dyed pheasant rump spey feather wound on spey-style
Head:2-3 wraps of small black ostrich and a uniformed, tapered
thread-wrap head. Varnished.
Steve Schweitzer

Raske's Black Spey
raskeblack.jpg 12Kb
Hook:Heavy Wire Salmon/Steelhead size 4
Thread:red 8/0
Tag:fine oval silver tinsel
Body:Rear 2/3 black floss, front 1/3 red seal substitute
Rib:first flat silver mylar applied in the same direction as the
hackle is to be wound, then fine oval silver tinsel wound in the
opposite direction after the hackle is wound.
Hackle:Black spey hackle tied in and wound over front 1/3 of body.
Wing:two black hen neck hackle tips, streamer-style, extending to
hook bend.
Collar:black hen hackle, tied back
Bob Skehan

The Pheasant Spey
pheasantspey.jpg 13Kb
Hook:tiemco 7999 sz #4,#6
Thread:black or red
Tag:silver or gold french tinsel...(fine)
Rib:same as tag
Body:rear 1/4, red salmon/steelhead slf dubbing;
front 3/4 purple salmon/steelhead slf dubbing
Spey hackle:long fibered pheasant rump feather
Collar hackle:black hen 2-3 wraps, then red guinea feather wrapped on top 2 wraps
John Simonson

Wenatchee Sunset Spey
wenatchee_sunset.jpg 16Kb
Hook:Alec Jackson Spey, #1 1/2
Thread:fluorescent orange
Tag:fine silver mylar tinsel
Body:fiery orange SLF
Rib:medium mylar tinsel
Counter-rib:fine oval tinsel
Hackle:natural blue-eared pheasant rump
Collar:Golden pheasant flank, dyed orange
Wing:two golden pheasant rump feathers, dyed orange
Rodney Roberts

Glow Butt Spey
glowbutt.jpg 13Kb
Hook:Partridge or Mustad salmon,size 6-2/0
Tag:Extra small oval silver,8-10 wraps
Butt:Flourescent Red floss or wool
Body:Black floss
Rib:Small oval silver tinsel
Hackle:Black schlappen, palmered tight to rib
Wing:2 Hot Orange hackles,1 strand of red flash on each side,black squirrel over all
Joel Sampson

Purple Demon Spey
purple_demon_spey.jpg 15Kb
Hook:Partridge Bartleet Style Size #2
Body:Rear Half flat silver tinsel; front half purple seal or substitute
Rib:Fine Oval Gold Tinsel
Hackle:Purple Heron or substitute palmered rear to front over seal
Collar:Bright Orange Guinea Hen
Wing:Two Bright Orange Hackle Tips
Head:Claret Thread
Todd Randall

Egg Sucking Spey
egg_sucking_spey.jpg 15Kb
Hook:Tiemco 7999
Butt:purple Axxel
Body:rear half:black ostrich herl; front half:chartreuse krystal
Spey hackle:black
Collar:guinea fowl
Wing:polar aire (nope, not polar bear, some kind of plasticky stuff)
 Andrew Somerset

White Wing Akroyd
akroyd.jpg 27Kb
Hook:Alec Jackson size1.5
Tag:Flat silver tinsel
Tail:Golden Pheasant crest & tippet strands
Body:Rear 1/2:yellow seal sub, ribbed with oval silver & yellow hackle;
Front 1/2:black seal sub, ribbed with oval silver & long black hackle
Throat:Black heron sub(marabou)
Wing:White goose strips
Sides:Jungle Cock
Rob Estlund

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