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Vernon County, Wisc. has 100's of miles of trout streams. Most of the streams have public easements or "Knock on the door & ask" access, courtesy of the landowners. Turkeys, deer, eagles, & grouse are a common sight while fishing.

Rullands Coulee is a cold feeder to the Timber Coulee system, with excellent hatches.
rullands1.jpg 24Kb

The Junction Pool, where Rullands meets Timber Coulee.
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Hans W. stalking a riser on T.C.
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One of the 4000 trout per: mile.
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A wild brown in spawning dress.
Photo byLemuel S.
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A hookup with a trico feeder
Photo byHans W.
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Tiny BWO's hatch daily in September
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Hans Weilenmann's Wisconsin Pic's