Summer-Page 1
An assortment of shots taken during Hans' visit to Wisconsin, & thru the season. There is even proof that some fish were caught:-) The weather was less than spectacular, giving everyone a chance to tie some flies, taste-test some single malt, & put faces with the names from ff@. These are large files, so open your favorite beverage & let the electrons do their dance.

Opening weekend on a Kickapoo tributary
trapper.jpg 47Kb

The Barn Pool-Spring Coulee Cr.
spring1.jpg 31Kb

Cold seeps at limestone cliffs always attract trout.
woody2.jpg 17Kb

Beetle & ant water on upper Spring Coulee
spring2.jpg 28Kb

After 11 years of co-operative re-hab work by The Westfork Sports Club , FFF Clubs, Boy Scout Troops, T.U. Chapters, & local volunteers, the West Fork is producing wild trout. The Kickapoo was recently selected as the next "Home River Initiative" by  Trout Unlimited
Photo byHans W.
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The D.N.R. has shocked a 23" brown right in the W.F. campground.
gladys1.jpg 40Kb

One of the early projects; protecting a major spring that supports brook trout spawning.
westfrk5.jpg 29Kb

Un-improved areas with good cover hold lots of fish
westfrk11.jpg 45Kb

17" wild brown...a product of habitat improvement.
Photo byLemuel S.
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