Driftless Guide, Fly Fishing for Trout

   Offering walk and wade fly fishing driftless guided day trips on the spring creeks in Southwest Wisconsin.
With over 40+ years as a licensed guide, Silver Doctor Fly Fishing offers driftless area fly fishing guiding and casting instructions, regardless of your age orlevel of experience.
   This site is dedicated to the Midwestern fly fisher and the fly tiers of the world.
Whether your love is the intimacy of a limestone creek, swinging spey flies through a tumbling steelhead river,
or tying the "perfect" fly, I hope you find something useful and entertaining in these pages.
   Silver Doctor Fly Fishing supports The West Fork Sports Club, The Federation of Fly Fishers, and Trout Unlimited in their efforts to enhance and protect our waterways and fisheries.
By joining your local chapter, you will help preserve fishing for future generations.
   The GUIDED FISHING pages include: tackle recommendations, a hatch chart, live weather links, places to stay and eat,
and will help everyone, even those who don't wish to book a guide, plan a trip to Wisconsin's Driftless Region or prime steelhead/salmon rivers.
   I'm very happy to announce that I have joined theScott Rod Company Pro Staff.
Working with a top end company that understands rod design for everything from our
intimate little creeks through salt water monsters, & everything in between is exciting.
I am also associated with AirFlo Lines, & Waterworks/Lamson Reels.
   This site will be updated as conditions & hatches change during the fishing season. Suggestions & constructive criticism are always welcome.

   2021-2022 licenses & stamps expired on March 31.
   There are warm rainy days in the forecast,
so stocking up on BWOs, #16 tan caddis, & even #18 black caddis is a good bet.
   An hour or two of morning nymphing while the wter warms can be followed by hatch activity,
possibly followed by a spinner fall,so watch for a change in the rise form.
April really has arrivedin the southern driftless.
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Pic by Dalton Yocum

Coulee Region Live Weather Report

Click for Viroqua, Wisconsin Forecast
Updated 4/19/2022