Planning Your Trip

   As the popularity of fly fishing grows, it seems that everyone with a couple years experience is suddenly a "Guide". SILVER DOCTOR FLY FISHING is featured in the books Great Lakes Steelhead-a Guided Tour for Fly Anglers, Best Streams for Great Lakes Steelhead, and Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead-an advanced look at an emerging fishery. I am an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor, and have been a demonstration tyer at numerous conclaves, and also conducted the first ever speycasting workshop at an International FFF Conclave,(1997-Grand Rapids,MI).
   The key to learning how to fly fish is fishing with the right guide. I believe that my role as a guide is not to guarantee that my clients catch lots of fish, but rather that my clients will learn what it takes to fish effectively. Regardless of weather, water conditions, or hatches, I will make sure your day on the river is enjoyable!
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   I would like to thank my FlyFish guide & friend of over 20 years Bob Silverdoc Blumreich for giving me some of my most exciting & fun times in my fishing life. Last year, just four months after aortic valve replacement surgery, he practically carried me to the streams & helped me get in & out of the water. This week, I was almost 100% back to my old self, driving Bob crazy with my mediocre casting & many tangles.
   Thanks to his expert guiding, I was able to catch many wild beautiful Brown Trout that were all released unharmed to the water. I have caught many big fish, some over 100 pounds, but none were more thrilling than this 15 inch Brown caught on an ultra light flyrod at this beautiful little stream in Wisconsin.
   If you ever want to try fly fishing, give Bob a call.

Woody Malitz

   A friend wants to try fly fishing?
A gift certificate for a guided fishing trip will give your friend the best start into a wonderful new pastime!
EMAIL for differing amounts.

Booking Your Trip
   With over sixty years of fly fishing experience and forty years as a licensed guide, Silver Doctor Fly Fishing offers guiding and instruction, whatever the level of your experience or age.
Everything from basic entomology, knots, and small stream tactics, through the tricks of speycasting can be learned from an FFI Certified Casting Instructor in a professional, courteous setting.
   A lunch, snacks, and drinks will be provided on full day trips.
Special diets can be accomodated
Some specialized loaner tackle is available, (speyfishing gear,etc.), but you must have basic tackle. Catch and release is encouraged.
   If the date that you want is already booked, Silver Doctor Fly Fishing will be glad to recommend another guide service that shares my philosophy of teaching, so that you will be able to continue fishing sucessfully.

   A deposit of $100 is required to guarantee your date. This deposit is fully refundable up to ten,(10), days before your date.
If you cancel with less than ten,(10), days notice, you will receive a refund only if the date can be re-booked.
   If Silver Doctor Fly Fishing cancels the trip due to personal reasons or because of unsafe or poor conditions,(lightning storms,flash floods), you will have the options of receiving an immediate refund or you can book another date.
One Angler-$375/Full Day
Two Anglers-$475/Full Day
One Angler-$275/Half Day
Two Anglers-$375/Half Day
One Angler-$395/Full Day
Two Anglers-$495/Full Day
Steelhead/Salmon/Speycasting TWO DAY MINIMUM.
One Angler-$495

To book a date in the 2021 season, Email Silver Doctor, or call
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