Bob's Featherwing Page

  Hi folks. My name is Bob Blumreich. Thanks for stopping by. As you might guess, we have long, cold winters here in Wisconsin, so I have plenty of time on my hands. Tying full dressed salmon flies keeps me from climbing the walls while Mother Nature does her thing.
  These flies are my "Cabin Fever Beater". They are also effective on the steelhead which run the tributaries to Lake Michigan. The Silver Doctor has been a favorite for years, so that's enough reason to put it first on the list.
The Silver Doctor-a mixed wing salmon fly 10Kb

Tag/Tip: Silver thread & yellow silk floss smooth & tapered, from barb to point
Tail: G.P. topping & small chatterer Kingfisher is a good sub for chatterer, & was used historically because chatterer was expensive
Butt: Red wool (I like dyed herl) 2 turns only, above the hook point, to hide the tie-offs.
Body: Flat silver tinsel Wrap a smooth underbody with flattened floss, then wrap tinsel from front to rear to front to hide gaps.
Ribs: Oval silver tinsel 5 turns only, size proportional to hook. Tie off on underside, to avoid forming a "lump" at the wing position.
Hackle: Silver Doctor blue "Silver Doctor Blue" is similar to powder blue.
Throat: Widgeon Light toned teal is a good sub.
Underwing: Tippet strands Matched feathers back-to-back, with a "V" cut from the tips.
Wing: Yellow & blue swan, bustard. Finely speckled turkey tail subs for bustard. Dyed goose shoulders sub for swan.
Sides: Married narrow strips of Summer duck & Pintail;single fibers of blue/gold macaw as horns Summer duck= barred wood duck
Topping: G.P. crest Sized so topping meets tail; touch the tip with a red marker pen to imitate red-tipped toppings.
Head: Red wool Red thread looks great with a high gloss finish.
Goose or turkey make excellent substitutes for swan. Fine speckled wild turkey looks like bustard.
The other materials are available at fly shops & from friends who hunt.

Salmon Fly Proportions can Be Seen Here