Wisconsin's EARLY TROUT SEASON runs from 5:00a.m. on the 1st Saturday in January through midnight on the day before the 1st Saturday in May. It may sound confusing, but it gives us nearly 4 months of extra fishing time during a period when cabin fever seems to be at its worst.
   Conditions can vary from ice-in-the-guides & no fish caught, to sunny, warm, & prolific hatches of midges, BWO's, stoneflies,& caddis. A warm spell in late April can even trigger a hatch of Hendrickson mayflies. By adapting to conditions, the angler can fish nymphs on the bottom, or dries on top, & usually have a little action.
   Either way, it beats the #@!$%~@# out of sitting around watching TV or a rented video.
Last year's,(2017), license & trout are valid through March 31, 2018. DON'T FORGET TO RENEW.

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Even the webmeister gets a chance to fish!


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Early season brown that couldn't resist a bunny leech