New Century Spey/Dee Swap Page 3

Quillayute [Brandon Luft]
Hook Standard salmon/steelhead
Tip/Tag Fine oval silver
Body ½ flourescent orange floss;½ hot orange seal sub.
Ribs Flat silver followed with fine oval silver
Hackle Gadwall flank from 2nd turn of rib
Throat Teal
Collar 1 turn of black heron sub.
Wing 2 Pairs of red G.P. breast, set tented
Head Wine
Sol Duc Spey [Maurizio Murru]
Hook Partridge Bartleet CS10/1
Body Rear half; orange floss over silver tinsel. Front half; hot orange SLF dubbed on yellow tread.
Ribs 5 turns of silver mylar tinsel. 5 turns of silver medium oval tinsel (counter wound on top of the spey hackle).
Hackle yellow cock tail, stripped one side, tied from the butt and wrapped behind the flat tinsel.
Throat black schlappen.
Wing 1 or 2 orange dyed teal flank feather.
Head red
Swindon [Keith Passant]
Hook Low Water Partridge #6
Body Fluo Green Wool
Rib Flat Silver (Holographic) & Oval Gold (Wound Contra Rotating)
Hackle G.P. Yellow Rump, stripped one side, wound from mid point of body.
Throat Silver Mallard
Wing Bronze Mallard
Cheeks Jungle Cock
Tricolour [Keith Passant]
Hook Low Water Partridge #6
Tag Silver Twist
Tail Tip of G.P. Red Breast Feather
Body 1/4 Yellow SLF. Remainder equal sections of Red and Light Blue SLF.
Ribs Silver lace and flat silver ( Holographic)
Hackle Black Heron Sub.
Throat Teal
Wing Turkey
Reduced Thunder [Bob Blumreich]
Hook Alec Jackson #1.5
Body Black wool
Ribs Medium flat gold
Hackle Hot orange schlappen
Throat Guinea dyed blue
Wing Bronze mallard
Sides Jungle Cock
Head Wine 12/0
Dark Winter's Hope [Bob Blumreich]
Hook Partridge "N" #1/0
Butt Flat embossed silver
Body Blue wool
Ribs Medium embossed silver
Hackle Kingfisher blue marabou
Throat Purple hen
Wing Orange goose
Head Wine 12/0
Brian's Purple [Brian Tesch]
Hook Redditch Salmon
Body 2/3 purple diamond braid; 1/3 purple sparkle chenille
Rib Fine oval silver
Hackle Purple burnt goose
Throat Guinea Hen dyed purple
Wing Purple dyed mallard or guinea
Head Black 8/0


Sol Duc Spey



Reduced Thunder

Dark Winter's Hope

Brian's Purple
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