New Century Spey/Dee Swap Page 2

Halloween Spey [Maurizio Murru]
Hook Partridge Bartleet CS10/1
Body black dubbing.
Ribs 5 turns of silver mylar tinsel. 5 turns of silver medium oval tinsel (counter wound on top of the spey hackle).
Hackle Cocktail dyed black
Throat Natural guinea
Wing Bronze mallard.
Head Black
Joy Louise [Wally Lutz]
Hook #2 7098 Eagle River
Tip/Tag Kreinik Metalics, three strand Gold Cable #002P
Body Kreinik Metalics, Fine #8 Braids #339 Blue
Ribs Same as tag
Hackle Blue Eared Pheasant
Throat Guinea
Wing Bronze Mallard
Sides Silver Pheasant body feather
Head Black
Nightmare [Tim Trexler]
Hook Heavy wire salmon hook
Tip/Tag 4 or 5 turns of fine oval silver tinsel and hot pink Uni-Stretch.
Body Black wool yarn.
Ribs Medium oval silver tinsel - 5 turns.
Hackle Heron grey spey hackle
Throat 2 turns of the body hackle.
Collar Black heron substitute.
Wing White or cinnamon tipped turkey tail.
Head Black lacquer.
Orange Pintail [Bob Petti]
Hook Alec Jackson, #1.5, black
Tag/Underbody Gold Mylar Tinsel
Body Rear 1/2 fl orange flat waxed nylon, front 1/2 fl orange SLF
Ribs Oval Gold Tinsel
Hackle Hot Orange Marabou, from first turn of ribbing
Throat Gadwall
Wing Pintail "spear" feather
Head Black
Purple Peril [Scott Antonetti]
Hook Standard salmon
Tip/Tag pink or char. floss
Tail Mallard flank dyed pink
Body mixed black and red
Hackle purple
Wing Peacock dyed Florican
Purple/Orange [Rob Estlund]
Hook Alec Jackson 3/0 Black
Body Flat Silver Tinsel
Hackle Orange Maribou
Throat Natural Mallard
Wing Purple Goose
Sides Jungle Cock

Halloween Spey

Joy Louise


Orange Pintail

Purple Peril

Purple Orange

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