Autumn Salmon and Trout-Page 2

 Rising water from an early November rain flushes the rivers. Decaying Chinook carcasses, leaves, and silt are carried downstream, leaving bright gravel and clean rock. The river's scent spreads and mixes with Lake Michigan's water, attracting wandering steelhead, cohos, and late spawning brown trout.
 The cohos and the browns are intent on spawning; easy targets for a well presented fly, since they are very territorial.
 Months away from spawning, the steelies are actively feeding, viciously striking flies and lures. These are the hard bodies of the rivers, solid muscle ready to pump an angler's adrenaline.

Photo by Jamie DeBoer

steelie_head5.jpg 21Kb

Webmeister & a Seaforellen.
seaforellen.jpg 37Kb

The old adage "Dark day, dark fly" payed off in a 22# Skamania that crushed a Purple Heron Spey fly.
steelhead_2.jpg 25Kb

My favorite fishing partner with her first Coho.
cohogrin.jpg 53Kb

Speycasting is an effective, graceful way to cover big water for migrating fish.
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Webmeister with a Spey-caught Chinook.
webmaster with a chinook caught on a swinging spey fly